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Alex Moore

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

I will work with you to deliver your thoughts and values helping you to recognise what choices you have in creating your unique ceremony.

As a father of five, I am aware that marking a special family milestone and sharing your joy with those you love is very important. Humanist ceremonies are a beautiful and personal way to celebrate these exciting and joyful times.

A humanist ceremony gives you the freedom to choose additional elements. Elements, which will be individually crafted by you to reflect your dreams and hopes and what’s important for you and your family. Although my ceremonies are heartfelt and dignified, my style is one of enjoyment with fun being an integral part of the process.

My ceremonies are bespoke and as such, I ask lots of questions (police training to the fore) to appreciate what your thoughts and opinions are, with a view to guiding you through some elements of your ceremony you may want to include. This will ensure that we produce a unique ceremony that reflects your values, principles and hopes.

I will conduct ceremonies throughout Scotland and in particular the East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, and West Lothian areas.

During my time as a rugby player, I represented Scotland on a number of occasions in the then Five Nations Championship, also against the New Zealand “All Blacks” and Argentina. In addition I had the honour of playing for the Barbarians on three occasions.

As a police officer, I was selected as chairperson of East Dunbartonshire multi-agency partnership for the prevention of violence against women and girls and also a member of the Equality Group. This allowed me to drive forward issues in support of human autonomy, freedoms, safeguarding justice and working towards the elimination of discrimination.

I have highlighted these experiences as Humanism allows me to continue to support core values of open and diverse societies and freedom of choice. Please view my website for more information www.AlexMooreHumanistCelebrant.com

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Congratulations, I'm delighted that you’re thinking about a humanist ceremony to celebrate your love and future life together. I believe that marriage and civil partnerships are based on mutual love and respect. I also know that every couple is different and that is why my ceremonies are bespoke, unique and personal.

Humanist ceremonies can take place indoors or outdoors, they can be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary. They usually include readings, music and an exchange of rings but can also include symbolic gestures, like hand fasting. Whatever you want to do the choice is yours. It’s your love, your life together and your ceremony. Whatever you decide on, I will work with you to create your perfect ceremony and delivery your thoughts.

One of the many benefits of a humanist ceremony is that you are involved in the writing of it. That means that on your special day the ceremony is a true reflection of your commitment to each other. I will share your story and words with those celebrating with you, it will be as unique as the love you share.

Humanist Society Scotland was granted Prescribed Status by the Scottish Government in February 2017, which means celebrants are permanently authorised to conduct legal marriages. We are the largest and longest standing provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland so you can be confident you’re in safe hands. Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) are the only provider to offer the HSS Ceremony Promise.

HSS Registered Celebrants conduct Humanist marriages and when booking your ceremony you are required to become a member of the Humanist Society Scotland. Membership of our charity helps to support our campaigns, policies and community work. It also ensures that your ceremony is covered by the HSS Promise to provide a celebrant that is trained, reviewed and insured and we will provide cover in an emergency at no extra cost. 

The easiest way to become a member is via our website, which will notify me when you have done so. Wedding Couples Membership is £85. This will also save your requested wedding date. 

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new addition to your family is an exciting and joyful time. A Humanist Welcoming or Humanist Naming Ceremony is a beautiful and personal way to mark the special milestone in your family and share your joy with those you love. My Naming and Welcoming ceremonies are all about your family and your new addition. They are all individually crafted to reflect what’s important for your family, and your dreams and hopes for your children.

Welcoming and Naming ceremonies can be as creative as your imagination allows; you may want to involve your extended family and friends, include some symbolic gestures, and it can take place wherever you like. A humanist welcoming or naming ceremony is a unique, personal and secular alternative to a traditional christening for new babies. However, my ceremonies are a lovely way of welcoming a new child into your family regardless of age.

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Funeral Ceremonies

Humanists accept death as part of the natural order but we also know that loss can be a sad and difficult time. All HSS Registered Celebrants work to standards and are trained, mentored and regularly reviewed to ensure that they can provide a personal, fitting and meaningful ceremony for your loved one.

A humanist funeral ceremony places the life of the deceased at the centre and your celebrant I will spend time with you learning about your loved one’s life and personality and about the memories you would like to share. I will then weave these together to tell the story in just the right way, as a celebration of your loved one’s life. As with all our ceremonies because our funerals are all personal and unique they are flexible and usually include readings, poems and music; your celebrant will help you with these decisions and will have lots of experience and suggestions.

I recognise that amongst those attending humanist funerals there may be people of faith and although we don’t include acts of worship such as singing hymns and prayers there is usually a period of quiet reflection where those in attendance can chose to remember your loved one in a way that is right for them and their beliefs. Normally when you engage a Funeral Director they will contact a celebrant on your behalf but you are free to contact me directly via email alex.moore@humanism.scot , mobile phone 07757485020.

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