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Candice Dillen

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

Hello, I'm Candice and I became a celebrant in 2015. I quickly found it to be the most wonderful job and in early 2022, conducted my 1000th ceremony!
I hope my video will illustrate how much I love my role and give you an insight into my work. Feel free to check out my social media too and then please get in touch to discuss your plans!

Being a celebrant means I meet people from all walks of life. I craft ceremonies from their memories and stories and I am part of some of the most significant occasions in their lives. It's fascinating, diverse, humbling, joyful and incredibly rewarding.

On a personal note, I'm married, have 2 children, a dog and a cat. Life is hectic!

My professional background is Health promotion/education and in previous jobs i have worked with neurological conditions, HIV & Aids, Substance misuse, mental health, public health and more. All roles with people at the centre. I decided to become a full time celebrant in 2019 but people are still at the heart of what I do.

Being a humanist doesn’t stop me trying to understand the universe and our place in it. It just means looking to the evidence we have. Fundamentally I believe in treating others with empathy and compassion, not for hope of reward or fear of retribution, but because it's the most human way to be.

In my (limited) spare time I love:

Cooking and baking ( I own way too many cookbooks...)
Pottering in my wee garden (I adore plants and flowers)
Walking the dog in Scotland's beautiful countryside
Music and live gigs (I have eclectic taste and live in a very musical household)
Researching everything to the *nth degree
And I also love a good dance!

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

When you choose a humanist wedding you are choosing to have a non-religious ceremony that is personal and unique, as well as memorable and meaningful. So, it’s important that you are involved in shaping and crafting your ceremony. What makes a ceremony special is that captures your journey and the love that has grown between you, in a way that is right for your personalities. Your ceremony should have your guests saying afterwards - 'that was so you!'

My approach is to work with you to help you create a ceremony that’s exactly right for you. I listen to your ideas and guide you through all the options for your ceremony - symbolic gestures you may like to include, ideas for your vows, readings and more.

Only you know why you want to marry each other and it's my job to capture that when writing your ceremony. It is key to making your wedding truly meaningful and personal to you.

Your ceremony can feel traditional or relaxed, informal or formal, quirky, humorous, intimate....whatever is right for you. That should come across not only in the writing but also in the delivery on the day itself. You may be nervous but I'll make sure you enjoy it and feel relaxed.

Your wedding day is a day when everyone you care about is brought together to celebrate your love. It's unique and magic. Having a personal and meaningful ceremony that you will never forget, that people truly feel connected to, gets everything off to the very best start!

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Welcoming and celebrating a child's arrival into the world or into a family is a wonderful and important rite of passage.

A humanist naming ceremony gives parents who don't feel a religious christening is appropriate for them, the opportunity to welcome their child in the company of their family and friends.

The occasion provides the opportunity to appoint guide parents or significant adults who will take a role in your childs life and formally (or informally) pledge their promises. It also gives time and space to thank all those who love and care for the child, such as grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins and siblings.

We can include symbolic gestures, readings and poetry, promises and vows, music and much more. A naming ceremony can be in a venue of your choice or even in your home or garden. And it will be individual and tailored to your wishes. Most of all its a chance to celebrate and have lots of fun!

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Funeral Ceremonies

The first humanist funeral I attended was my nanas back in 1999 when humanist funerals were unusual. I loved how unique it was and how it celebrated her life and who she really was.

I conduct funerals across Edinburgh. I will meet families in their own home, where I will outline what’s involved in the ceremony. I listen to the family as I find out about the life of the deceased, asking questions to guide so I can be sure I have the information to write a tribute that is truly reflective of their loved one. I always ensure that the family have a ceremony draft in good time so any amendments can be made. I’ll then provide a special final copy for the family to keep.

It’s an honour to be trusted by families at such a difficult time in their lives and a privilege to share in the achievements and challenges of a life lived. I ensure that each ceremony I write and deliver is dignified, meaningful and truly reflects the character of that person. It’s very important to me that every family feels comforted that they’ve had the most fitting tribute possible for their loved one.

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