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Ronit Quayle

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

I live in South Lanarkshire with my husband and our wee boy. It's where I spend my days writing ceremonies, gardening and drinking cups of tea.

My approach to ceremonies is that if I have made you, and everyone else there, both laugh and cry then I've done my job right. But you are the boss when it comes to your ceremony, and I will always be led by what you want. My mum always said that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason - and in any case, Humanists don't like telling people what to do.

When I'm not working, I can usually be found outside (I love walks in the woods) or cooried in with a book.

I love a good blether so do feel free to drop me an email or pick up the phone.

p.s. My name is pronounced "R'n-eet" - I get this question a lot....

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

A wedding is both the beginning of something new and the celebration of your journey to get here. Your ceremony should be as weird and as wonderful, as filled with love and laughter as your life is.

So have your dog in the wedding party. Have your Page Boys cycle down the aisle. Walk down the aisle with your mum - even if you are a Groom. Say 'mm-hmm' instead of 'I do'. Say your vows in Catalan. Do some impromptu dancing while all your guests sing your favourite song.* My #1 wedding rule is 'Do whatever you want!'.

*all actual examples from weddings I've conducted. My couples are THE BEST.

Whether your wedding is a big knees-up or a quiet elopement, we will incorporate the traditions that feel right for you. A Humanist wedding ceremony is very much a team effort - from the readings you choose, the symbolic gestures you include (like handfasting or a band warming) and the vows you make, I will be by your side to keep you right (and keep you sane) as we plan your special day.

At every wedding I conduct, I hope that the guests will both laugh and cry and will say afterwards “that ceremony was so them, it couldn’t have been anyone else’s wedding".

Things I love at weddings:

- Children being adorable
- Same-sex couples (finally) being able to celebrate their love equally
- Turning traditions on their head and creating new ones
- Dads surprising everyone by getting emotional
- In-jokes
- A big snog at the end

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

I am delighted that more and more families are choosing to have a Naming Day and just love helping them to celebrate this important milestone, no matter how or when your wee one has come into the family.

These ceremonies can be as long or as short as you wish and as formal or casual as you like. Often, there will be promises, from parents, grandparents, siblings and whoever is going to play an important role in your child's life. We can formalise the role of Guide Parents (although you can call them what you wish, or give them no title at all. My husband and I are known as the Oddparents to our friends' gorgeous daughter). No two ceremonies are the same but they are always very personal and special.

Naming ceremonies are a lot of fun and sometimes a bit chaotic (in a good way) with lots of kids running about. Cake is advised but not essential. It's a lovely opportunity for everyone to meet your child, get together as family and friends and, of course, to eat, drink and be merry!

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Funeral Ceremonies

I have the huge honour of celebrating people’s lives and hearing their stories told by the people who shared them. Our job title is ‘Celebrant’ for good reason.

A humanist funeral often features laughter and tears in equal measure. It is always sincere and dignified and always true to the person whose life we are celebrating. They can be small, reflective gatherings of close family or see hundreds of people singing their pal’s favourite song. The best piece of feedback a family could give me is “That was them to a T”.

I start by meeting with the family of the deceased, learning about their life and what was important to them. We talk about how they lived, loved and laughed. These meetings are often cathartic and joyful experiences for the families I work with. So too are many of the funeral ceremonies.

Whatever you and your family decide is the best send-off for your loved one, I will work with you and the funeral director to ensure we get it right.

A funeral is the last thing that you can do for a person. Working with families to learn about their loved ones, as they learn to live a life without them, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

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