Know the celebrant you’re looking for??

If you know the name of the celebrant you’re looking for, you can search with just their name. Enter their name in the ‘Celebrant Name’ box below and click ‘Go’ to see their profile and their contact details.

Just looking to see who might be available?!

Complete as many details as you know, but don’t worry if you don’t have all your details finalised! Your results will include the celebrants most likely available for your ceremony if you’ve entered a ceremony date, and if you’ve provided a location then they will be in geographical order starting with the closest. You can contact any celebrant directly via their profile. If you would like to contact more than one celebrant with your enquiry, simply click ‘add to my contact list’. When you’re ready, click ‘contact them now’ and you can send your enquiry to all the celebrants you’ve chosen.


Whether you know the name of the celebrant you’re looking for or are just having a look to see who might be available, you’re in the right place. Enter as much or as little detail as you like to filter your results, view celebrants’ profiles, and make contact.

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